Travelers who want to capture unique haven of peace; blue and white calmness and tranquility surrounded by nature in the only place to be given to the break, the address of the mystical atmosphere of the ancient city Erythrai, Heracles ... the songs of blue gum geranium glass windows; you'll get lost between the neighbors chatting in the cobblestone streets aunt; The fact that the dreams are intertwined; founded on respect for nature and the natural basis of our village by village take permanent provision of life is Il …

It’s a unique heaven for the travelers who want to capture the peace, with the calmness of the blue and white it is the only place for the having a break, Also a mystic place which is surrounded by ancient city “Erythrai”… Herakles Boutique Otel.From the blue windows you can see the gum geraniums are dangling, and you will get lost while chatting with your neightbours in the streets which made by cobblestones.And there is a slight line between the dream and reality.It’s a village with the respect of the nature and natural produts..It’s ILDIR.

One of the features that distinguishes the Herakles Boutique Hotel reflects perfectly the spirit of the time and peace restored 200-year history is that of the Greek mansion.Which is the Exchange immigrants in 1924 after migration to Ildırı our grandparents from Thessaloniki residence have been for 45 years the mansion has been abandoned due to the damage on the front due to the earthquake in 1969, and the period could not be restored due to the conditions. 34 year vacant mansion, descendants of immigrants from Thessaloniki to begin construction of the hotel project with his wife in 2003, the introduction is implemented in 2004. This 10-room interior and exterior architecture is completely mistress Lady of Angels to remind you that you forgot a very ancient building tradition.

Will take you back to childhood years… Jams made by mothers, Sour fermented break, our olive garden and will meet again with the taste of natural vegetable flavor you forget all.


In a winter day for the our guests who remembered us , we promise you, you will not get cold in HERAKLES.. Let us give your point of our room with fireplace and enjoy our restaurant with chestnut and wine by the fireplace.

Our mission is to make you feel like at home and feel like comfortable as you are staying at your mom’s house.. We are also happy to do it. If you wish you can join boat tours, let us organize activities such as fishing.

Izmir - 70 km

Çeşme Central - 23 km

Alacati - 13 km

Ilica - is 15 km away.

If you wish, you can take advantage of our shuttle service.