The name of the Ildır Village in ancient time was “Erythrai”.The word Erythrai is combinated from the Erythros which means read in greek. There are some assumptions about the Erythrai name means that color of the land, “Red City”.The other assumption is the name Erythrai is coming from the son of the founder of the village Rhadamanthes from Creta.There are some scientific proves that village is been used from since the Bronze Age.

In the second coloniel age the village was managed by the relative of the Athens King Kadros, Knopos.In the beginning the village has been managed by kingdom in later ages it is managed by Basileus council which is elected from the villagers. The village had a tyrand periad with the Pythagoras and in that period it was famous with the self made millstones.Erythrai has been managed by Lidyans after that by Persians.They have joined the strike agains Persians like the other cities.With the Alexander The Great they had their freedom with the other Greek Cities.

After the death of the Alexander the Great Erythrai is owned by the Pergamon Kingdom.in B.C 133 Roman Empire made this city Free again.In this period they have made their Goat,Wine and Millstones and from the their women priest Sibyl and Herophile they became famous.And in B.C 1st century from the earthqueakes ,wars and Roman Commanders the city was almost dead.After the 16th century it was named as Ilderen and Ildırı.In 1963-1966 Prof. Hakkı Gültekin and later Prof. Ekrem Akurgal made some diggings and after that they found the Antic Theater.

They have found some ruins of the Athena Temple in the highest points of the Acropol. With the range of the 5 km they have found some ruins of the walls surrounded the city.

Why Herakles?

In ancient greek mythology Herakles, in Roman mythology Herkules, is the son of the Zeus.

From the birth date of Hercul of Herakles has divine forces.Thus the meaning of the is power.

By the Mythology, Egyptions has sent the a large scale sculpture of the Herakles to Anatolia.The messenger from the Egyptians left the sculpture between the Chios and Eritre Islands and they said which side is more powerful will get this sculpture.For the months neither sides couldnt take is to their sides. In final womens from Erythrai womens has grown their hairs and made rope from them and took it to their side.In today there is no sculpture and nobody knows where it is right now.