In Ildır for the choice of food there are two main components. First one is the “Artichoke” and the other one is the known as queen of the Aegean Sea “Sea Bream”.In the region every season it is possible to find fresh fish and seafood, which are supplied from the sea (Island butts).There are variety of fishes such as sea bream and sea bass are located next to the fattening farm and also fresh wild sea bream.

In Mondays there is a regional Bazaar. In this Bazaar you can only find foods from natural farms and trees also you can find sea foods too.In this Bazaar villagers of the Ildır normally buy their weekly needs.

In Ildır you can find the famous artichoke cuisine.You can taste artichoke salad,stuffed artichoke and Artichoke Mantı(it’s a traditional food) which you can find it only in Herakles Cafe & Restaurant.Artichoke Mantı and special seasoned artichoke is top items from the menu.Other Aegean cuisine is coming from the fresh farms of the Ildır which is located near to sea.You can taste sea beans with lemon, olive oil and garlic sauce. For the other sea foods you can taste Octopus casserole, Octopus grill,fried mussels and again only in Herakles Cafe & Restaurant mussels with artichoke, seasoned fried calamaris and with a lot of other options.This vacation will be unforgettable for your cuisine memories.